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FAA Private Pilot Question Bank: 09/28/16
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Private Pilot | Final Exams

<p><span class="approved">We recommend that you complete all the Private Pilot Ground School lessons and gain an understanding of the concepts within each lesson before you attempt your Final Exams.</span></p><p><strong>Both exams </strong>must be passed in order to receive your Completion Certificate/Authorization for the FAA Knowledge Test.<br />The first exam must be passed before you can attempt the second exam.</p><p>Upon passing the second exam, your Completion Certificate/Authorization for the FAA Knowledge Test will be emailed to your registered email address. <br />You will also be able to view and print the certificate immediately.</p><p>Unlike the lesson quizzes, you will <strong>not</strong> receive question feedback until the end of the exam when it is graded.</p><p>Both exams carry an 80% passing score.</p><h4><strong><a href="/component/joomlaquiz/?view=lpath&Itemid=37">Go to Final Exams <img src="/images/stories/green-right-arrow.png" border="0" style="vert